Low-Tech Kitchen-Table Screen Printing

Tryptych - the first screen.


fire goat - began life as a doodle on a white board.

A screen to check different halftone resolutions.

The first halftoned screen to simulate shades of gray. The image is from an old WW1 propaganda poster.

Process notes.

monkey frigate. just because.

Shirts for the posse going to Vegas for NYE 2005.

The first multi-color prints, designed by friends for their newphew and niece.

Sport Kitty (party fundraiser)
The first printing on blacks shirts, the first 3-color prints.

Andre vs. Che

Project RED: For when you want to wear your charity on your sleeve.

Apron as wedding favor for people who helped cook.

Solar battery logo (and taking my first class, to see how people who aren't making-it-up-as-they-go do multilayer registration)